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Light your marketing machine on fire!

One of the best ways as an affiliate marketer of making more conversions is by offering people affiliate bonuses as an incentive to buy through your affiliate link.

However, having the time and resources to actually create these is time consuming and difficult.

SO what I decided to do was to make this all so much easier for you, and have included over $1000 worth of bonuses that you can use when promoting Beating The Giant, yep... NO BS!.

I believe the easier I can make this for you, the more money you will make, so I will continue adding seriously kick ass bonuses here over time.

But for now...

Current Affiliate Bonuses include:

youtube affiliate loophole

Youtube Secret Affiliate Ranking Strategy 

Value: $499

Follow along as I show you how to:

1. Find videos that you can legally use for your own affiliate marketing sales,

2. How to find the best targeting keywords to use to make sure you rank at the top and grab all the traffic,

3. How to optimize the each and every video for YouTube love,

4. How to grab the viewer's attention and not let go.

The On-page SEO Masterclass 

Value: $499

Follow along as I bring you through the most important aspects of SEO to ensure that your content gets:

1. Optimized for high search ranking,

2. Loved by the search engines,

3. Clicked on by potential visitors,

4. Convert visitors into buyers.

seo masterclass
value targeting blueprint

The Value Targeting Blueprint 

Value: $99

The simple 6 step process that outlines EXACTLY how I use the search engines to build every single successful online business that I enter.






Structure, plus more...

This is the entire bonus bundle that you can use to convert more of your visitors into sales. This has NEVER been sold like this before, so these are UNIQUE quality items that are taken from my $1500 a head Live Training Programs.

affiliate bonus pack

This is an image of the EXTRA Bonuses You Get To Use To Promote Beating The Giant

You can see the current bonus page here.

(Please note: The bonus content is owned by me. You are NOT allowed to use these bonuses anywhere else, other than in the promotion of Beating The Giant)

So, how can you use these bonuses to increase your sales and commissions?

Well, let me give you a couple of options...

Bonus Option 1

Send people directly into the bonus page via the affiliate link below (Replace AFFILIATE with your own Digistore24 ID)


If you decide to use this link, the person who clicks your affiliate link will land directly on the bonus page. They will be able to read through all of the bonus package details, and when and if they click through to the sales page and buy, you will get the commission.

The person will then send an email to the 'gmail' email address that I have placed on the page in order to ask for the bonuses, and we will deliver them for you. The only thing you will need to do is to direct people to that link via your marketing methods... We will do the rest for you.

Bonus Option 2

Download the bonus page html files (or Thrive template) from this link and set the page up on your own website.

HTML Files

Thrive Themes Files

I have made a video below of how to upload/import pages using the Thrive Themes files, you can utilize the same video for the secret bonus page.

For the HTML Files, I recommend (if you are not a a techy) give them to a developer to do this for you. You can find loads of guys and gals on Fiverr that can do it for a couple of bucks.

This way you can edit the text if you like and potentially can also also add your own additional bonuses too.

If you do this, in order to get your commission, you will need to make the RED button link (which takes people from the bonus page to the Beating The Giant Sales page) the following...


Remember to change the AFFILIATE to your Digistore24 affiliate ID.

IMPORTANT: If you host the bonuses yourself and use your own page, you must use your own email address as the point of contact. When people email you for bonus access, you simply cut and paste the following email to them in order to access my bonuses. If you have added additional bonuses, you will need to send them to a separate location to access those.

Email For Bonus Getters


Thank you for your email and for purchasing 'Beating The Giant'
through my affiliate link. Here is access to your bonuses:

If you need any help with the bonuses or the main course content
please contact Ciaran's support team. You can find the email address
on the main members area page.

Thank you.


If you want to capture leads before you send them to the Beating The Giant sales page or the bonus page, then I have put together two high converting lead capture pages which you can use.

As with any lead capture page, you will need to offer an incentive for people to enter their email address. This is why I am handing you my free 28 page 'Value Targeting' Affiliate Manual to use for this purpose. (You can access it further below)

If you want to use the lead capture page, this is the process/ funnel you should use...

1. Send traffic to your lead capture page,
2. Get people to opt in and onto your email list by giving away the free manual,
3. Send them the manual (which will contain your affiliate link to the sales page),
4. Automatically send them the 3 follow up emails (below) directing them to the bonus page,
5. They read the bonus page, look at the sales page & hopefully buy. Then you make commissions.

Everything is prepared for you.

You can see a preview of the two lead capture pages below along with the text written out for each one to save you having to copy the text, if that is what you need to do.

Squeeze 1

affiliate bonuses

Squeeze 2

affiliate bonus squeeze page

Squeeze Page Options

Here they are...

Option 1:

If you have experience at building lead capture pages, I have included the HTML files which you can download here and connect it to your email autoresponder service so you can collect leads.


Option 2:

The other way I recommend, is using Thrive Themes to recreate these pages. I also recommend using Getresponse to capture the email addresses and automatically send the 3 follow up messages.

I am attaching a Thrive Template that I use, and if you use Thrive Themes you can use this to just easily create the page (video instructions below)

In addition, you will also need to create a simple 'thank you' page which the person will be directed to once they have signed up. You can add a link to download the manual from this page. (Again you have a template for this too, which you can download)

In the link below you have access to the Google Drive with all the Squeeze pages, along with the Bridge page that you should connect to your squeeze page.

Squeeze Pages & Instructions

Once you have one of the options set up and running, you can load in the autoresponder emails which are further down this page.

Here a video about how to set up Thrive Architect: 

Editing Your Free eBook To Giveaway

Next you will need to edit the manual to add your Digistore24 affiliate ID. Firstly, watch this video which explains what to do, then download the PDF document below and add your Affiliate URL.

Download The PDF Here:

You can download a copy of the book cover and also the Book Mockup below if you need it. (right click and 'save image as')

value targeting blueprint

Then, once you have completed the editing, and inserted your affiliate links, add the following emails to your autoresponder sequence to get it set up.

Email Day 1 - Download The Ebook


Just confirming your request... (open now)

Hello and thank you for requesting the Value Targeting Formula.

You can download the VTF here:


A quick question for you...

If I could show you a way that you could bank 5 figures Per month, without having to give up your 9-5, would You be interested?

Imagine what life would be like if you had the ability to pack It in and just disappear whenever you pleased.

Well, I can tell you, thousands of people are doing every day Thanks to affiliate marketing using Google.

The major advantage with Google and affiliate marketing is That it is free to get customers…

As they are already searching for what you offer, you just have to Put it in front of them…

Basically, you don’t need to waste your time trying to find buyers…

They are already looking for the solution!

But, if you don’t know how to find these people and get what you Offer in front of them, well, you completely miss out…

And the best part… you can offer these products, without ever having to touch them

- Ever

In the Value Targeting Formula, the Overview of the process if covered.

That is ONLY the beginning though…

When you are ready to take it to the next step, I recommend you read this page very carefully...


Keep it easy

All the best,


Email Day 2 - The Bonus Page


Access to over 12 billion people... (secret link)

Hey there,

A super quick email for you today,

Firstly, how is the Value Targeting Formula coming along?

Have you decided on a niche yet?

Let me know if you have any questions…

Secondly, I'm not sure if you had a chance to grab a peek at the Beating The Giant Affiliate Formula by Ciaran Doyle yet,

But, not matter if you have or not, you are going to want to check it out today…

I have managed to secure OVER $1,000 worth of awesome free bonuses for new members when they join BTG.

Here are the details:


The first one: "Youtube Secret Affiliate Ranking Strategy", in my opinion, is on-point, and a secret that not many marketers know about…

Although this is available today, Ciaran did say that they won’t be available for long, so have a look now, before they disappear

Here is the link again:


Keep it easy,

Your Name

Email Day 4 - Bonuses Going Away


URGENT...  (open before midnight)

Hey there,

A quick one… the bonuses that I spoke about the other day are on the way out.

Meaning, if you want the Beating The Giant Bonuses, you need to act fast, or they will disappear for good this evening.

I’m not 100% sure yet, but Ciaran Doyle has had so many emails regarding them that it is becoming a bit too much for him… this is extremely active materials.

Better get your butt in gear…


Also, quickly…

When you do get your membership to BTG…

Shoot me an email right away…

This is a pretty cool opportunity to get into 5 figures a month… quick sharp!

...and I can tell you with absolute certainty:

Affiliate marketing is probably the #1 key to wealth and success among online business people. It’s Crystal clear…

And, easy as a button.

First step?


Keep it easy,


NOTE: Any affiliate team member of Beating The Giant who makes 5 sales or more will GET LIFETIME ACCESS to Beating The Giant For FREE.

Once you get access to your course, no matter if it is from buying it yourself, or earning access via your sales of BTG, I recommend creating a product review page for Beating The Giant.

Creating a Beating The Giant Review

Creating a Beating The Giant 'product review' page or mini site, either on your own hosted website or on something like Google Sites is also an effective way of maximizing your commissions, and Google love to rank Google Sites by the way.

In fact, here's an idea you can use...

Grab all the content from the bonus page included above, and add it to the review you create, great content goes a long way in ranking websites on Google.

When going to create a review like this, here's an idea of how to set it up...

1. Send people directly to your Beating the Giant product review page, make sure to include those bonus items in there,

2. Add some nice testimonials you have gotten about BTG, and also a big strong called to action buttons to the review. Make sure you link with your Digistore Affiliate Link (which will go to the sales page),
3. You could also set up an exit pop up for the Value Targeting 28 page manual on your review page and capture the emails of people closing the page using Thrive Leads (I'll even attach a pop up you can use).
4. Once you have this set up, make sure you have added those 3 follow up emails (below) sending people back to the review page to read your review.
5. Once they read the review you have made again, they click your buttons, go to the sales video and buy. That's how you can make some seriously good commissions.

I think it's best that you create this review on your own, but great review pages are really easy to find and when you find them, you will know how to structure a great review.

Do a Google search like this:

affiliate product review search

You could try a couple of searches:

"affiliate product name" + review

"affiliate product name" + best review

"affiliate product name" + review 2021

You get the idea...

You can easily replicate something similar to what you find above using Thrive Architect.


So you already have loads of great content to entice your readers to get Beating the Giant, let me add in a bit more for you, just to make sure you can convert more people into commissions.

Here you will find:

1. An example of the Whole Process: The Step By Step Process Of Beating The Giant,

2. An example of a The Secret Optimization Process PDF,

3. Screenshots of the members area (which you can see below) which you can use in your articles and reviews (Tip, edit these and add your own text elements on top).

Legal & Disclaimers
This site is not a part of the Google website. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Google in any way.

*Earnings and income representations made by Ciaran Doyle, or Beating the Giant, and their advertisers/sponsors are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing. We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing Google since 2010, and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any "how to" information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors

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Remember, tell me how you are getting on...