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marketing materials below...

So, we have loads of high converting affiliate content resources for you, that you can plug into your marketing efforts seamlessly and turn your visitors into profits.

To start with, you can find some email swipes below to send out to your list, if you have one. There are 7 in total that you can choose from to promote the Beating the Giant affiliate marketing training, and you can also use these emails to help create other promotional content and ad text.

Remember to swap out any INSERT Link text with your own affiliate link.


Make  sure to REPLACE the 'DIGISTORE24ID' with your Digistore affiliate "Affiliate ID" to ensure you get paid for your referral!

Email Swipes

Below you will find high converting pre-written emails that you can use to get your members excited about the system.

Now if you don't have a list just yet, do not worry, we have a gift for you, so that you can start building one.

Normally you would have to spend tons of hours creating a high converting lead magnet to giveaway in exchange for a persons email address, but...

Check it out...

I have also created free PDF Manual "The Value Targeting Formula" Priced at $97, but You can give it away for FREE to help build your list as you promote Beating The Giant. So, you can get stuck straight away into building your list and promoting, winner!

You will find this in the Bonus Section.

It contains 28 pages of solid easy to consume information based on the 6 guiding principles behind Beating the Giant, and it is yours to giveaway for FREE to help build your list while you promote BTG.

All you need to do is add your own affiliate links into the book, which I show you how to do and when someone you give the book to, loves the formula, clicks on the link inside and buys...

You make a killer commission!

value targeting ebook free

Also, you can use the text from the emails in other ways, like on posts, in status updates, plus so much more...

All you need to do is replace the INSERT LINK text with your Digistore24 affiliate link (from above) and add your name at the end.

Also, why not personalise the message a little more... you know your list the best, and it will help maximize your conversions.

Email Swipes Affiliate Content...

Email Subject: is this really NOT for you?


There are a couple of cool bits in this email, but before you dive into it, let me first say: this is 100% NOT for you if you think you can just sit on your ass and do nothing.

Yep, there are loads of gurus that spin the push button system, promising overnight riches with the new latest fads and trends, in all honesty, making money doesn’t work that way!

But, there is good news… if you put in a bit of work, and follow the training outlined here, you can actually make very good money.


The even better thing is this…

This program is not priced at $497, or $197, or EVEN $97…

You can grab it for a crazily low cost of $47. (you'll see why)


Best regards,


P.S. The part that will REALLY excite you the most is that the strategies taught inside this training have been proven to help newbies to get started with making real money online. Get started today for $47


Email subject: Can you shortcut making real money online?


The cold hard truth of making money is this…

Anyone who has made ANY real money in online business didn’t do it overnight.

They hard grafted for months, even year… testing, tweaking, and countless errors.

Along with that, they dug themselves into a big financial hole, which, well luckily, they were able to get out of… but it took time!

Got a question for you…

Do you really want to go through all this?

All the pain, the errors, the expenses…

I don’t think so.

So, if you want to shortcut all that, and learn to make real money online now, here’s your chance…


I spent years going through the movements, the ups and downs, and wish someone had of created a training like this when I was new to it.

Life would have been different alright,

Have a look see…


Talk again,


P.S. Shortcuts are all well and good, but finding one that actually works is goldust.


Email Subject: How ordinary people make money with little known affiliate products


Here’s a fact.

Proven systems work. People lose money because they don’t follow systems that work.

And the good news for you is this…

Being able to spot things before too many others do will help you, no matter your experience to make real money online.


The best part is...

You can access the training to do that, within 5 minutes from now, for $47.

The reason it’s so cheap is this…

It’s his first product out in many years and wants to get it in lots of peoples hands…

And you benefit, because you are one of the first to get this link


This is first come, first served…

To a quality future,


Email Subject: His students make thousands each month


Students who put in the work and follow the system are taking home thousands of dollars each month.

In fact, he just got an email last night from a young Indian guy who was making $200 per month before the training…

And now is making over $5,000 per month, not a bad return!

So what’s the secret to this growth?

Well, it’s all revealed in his training…



P.S: You can get started with all of the training, within the next 5 minutes, all for the can kicking cost of $47

Get started today…


Email subject: Earning from Affiliate Marketing?


There is a huge amount of affiliate programs online, like I mean an astronomical amount…

But knowing which ones to choose can make all the difference between days where you make a killing online…

And days where you would rather pull your hair out…


If you prefer the sound of the first scenario, I’m going to share with you the system that walks you through the exact steps you need to choose the correct program every time…

And it costs big money too…

Na, that’s a joke… why he is giving it away at $47, is beyond me...


Talk soon,


P.S. You can get started within the next few minutes.

This is a full training where you will learn exactly how to be a top affiliate marketer and make money every day!

Get access now…


Email Subject: The golden goose egg


Imagine being told you were useless…

That you would never amount to much. That’s the story John O Sullivan told this guy when he was 6.

And in Johns world, a teacher, this guy was useless.

He hated school, hated lessons, and just didn’t get its importance… So, he FAILED…

At school.

But school isn’t life, and regardless of a piece of paper from some terrible school to say you passed an exam, it doesn’t put money in your pocket.

What put’s cold hard cash in your pocket is your ability to do what others are too afraid to do…

And in this case, it was work on the internet…

I suppose in Johns world of offices and classrooms, 9-5s and terrible boring lives that is the place they are happy to be…


If you don’t want this, and want a life of freedom, happiness, wealth and success…

Best not listen to John.

And try out this affiliate training that created this guys golden egg


Who knows, maybe you were told you were useless too…

Maybe you just need to find another way…


This could be your golden egg.




You can also download them all here to use later: Email Swipes for Beating The Giant

Below you will find an array of different banner types that you can use on your website, on your social media channels and even inside of your emails.

For banners you will only find a few different sizes (250x250, 728x90 and 300x250).

These sizes can easily generate the best click through rates, and are the most widely used meaning your banner advertising will be cheaper overall, especially if you are paying per 1000 impressions.

Social Banners

Website Banners

Coming Soon.

Pinterest Carousel Pins

You will also find an array of Pinterest Posts that you can use. One set is for the Training, and One set is for the ebook.

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to get traffic to your affiliate links, and  when optimized correctly can even be found in the likes of Google.

Google love Pinterest Pins and you can make a lot of affiliate sales just by having your pins appear there.

The posts created work in a carousel format, so make sure you you look at the file numbers, C1 - C6.

You can get the Pinterest Pins here.

You can get the Pinterest eBook Pins here.

Facebook and Insta Posts

Here you will find 4 carousel images that can be used either on Facebook or Instagram, they are 1080px x 1080px.

You can download them from here and here.

If you are utilizing them on Instagram, make sure you:

1. Add relevant hashtags

2. Use the Alt text option for the image

3. Put the affiliate link in your Bio

4. Then add, "Find Out More - Link In Bio" to your posts.

For Facebook, just make sure you write a short and sharp post, with a CTA (Check it out, Grab it now, etc), telling them to find out more now/

You also have an option to use Facebook and Instagram stories with these posts here.

You can also create your own banner sizes and banners using a tool like Canva.

These banners are designed and tested to get the most CLICKS. If you need specific banner sizes for campaigns that you want to run, contact me and we can talk about it.

You can also advertise the FREE Manual/ebook on your social channels. You can find a cool ebook carousel here

Promotional Text Ideas

Below you can find some sample promotional ad text that you could use in a variety of places.

On Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter, in a press release and so on.

While you can copy and paste these into social media as is...

I recommend that you edit them a little bit to make them more "you". 

The people you will potentially be approaching about BTG, you will know what makes them tick already.  

More updates for new platforms will be added soon...

There are many places that small bits of text like shown below work well...

You could look to copy and pasting these into Facebook status updates, Twitter Tweets and Pinterest Text Pin elements.

Grab Your Promotional Swipes Below...

Social text Note:

You may find that you want to use social media to advertise Beating The Giant, and we don't blame you, social is so easy to get involved with, to make posts on, and perhaps even communicate via messenger with.


Social is not a spammy game, it's not like you just add a person and spam their messenger inbox. You have to be clever with your marketing.

Here's a few ideas to get you started with for small status updates...

Promotional Text

Beating The Giant Affiliate Formula uses state of the art training methodology to guide every day people to build REAL life-changing online businesses. And the great thing is, it taps into the power of the thing you most likely use every single day, Google.

During this step by step training you will discover how to not only start an online business utilizing the power of Google and Affiliate Marketing, but also how to grow it into a sustainable 5 figure a month home based business.

It brings you through niche research and product selection, branding, websites, structure, content, SEO, list building and marketing, and traffic generation, plus so much more.

The most important part of the training is that it works with you, to get the best from you, and encourages you to complete the exercises that you need in order to succeed.

Are you already selling online?

Or perhaps you are getting tired of the 9-5 and know there must be another way?

Maybe you have friends or heard of other people’s successes online?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, I thoroughly recommend that you read more about Beating the Giant Affiliate Formula today.

Social Text Ideas

> Learn how to tap directly into largest source of online buyers in the world make an awesome income working from home, ask me how!

> He made over $9,000 in one day online just by talking about what he loved doing. But that was JUST the beginning...

> Imagine being able to grab your piece of a $8.5 Billion pie, simply by sneakily knowing what others are doing...

> Make Google work for you by doing what you do every day on it, search, and build a profitable business while doing it...

> How to discover the fortune hidden in your Facebook news feed

> Let me ask you a question... what would you rather do this evening: watch Netflix or make some real money?

When it comes to promotional materials, the most important thing I can say to you is this...

MAKE THEM YOUR OWN! You can grab the swipe file for these here

Don't try to be me, be yourself with the materials, tell your slant on what I do, most of all, have fun...

Beating The Giant email:[email protected]

Remember, tell me how you are getting on...