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Get BIG Visitors to your affiliate links with the traffic strategies outlined here.

So welcome to the page that is going to help you get visitors to your pages, the Beating the Giant affiliate traffic page.

So before you come here, make sure that you have your funnels set up and ready to start making sales!

Perhaps you are using, the Bonus Page, or maybe the Value Targeting Manual, maybe you have even created  a good strong review, but...

No matter what your funnel method you have decided, get it set up first before you start putting any of these traffic strategies into action!

A quick rule when it comes to driving traffic:

affiliate traffic sniper beating the giant

Go Sniper - Not Scattergun

Although there are so many ways to actually send traffic to your offers, it is best to stick to only a few to start and make sure that you nail them.

If you can nail them, then move onto the next one.

Try to be more like a sniper when it comes to traffic, and less like a scattergun.

There are quick ways to drive traffic and there are slow ways... and I like to do a mix of both.

I create content and optimize it for keywords that I know people will buy from, but I also like to drive some serious traffic from places that I can convert quickly into paying customers. 

So let's get into one free way to start...

Free Affiliate Traffic:

I think starting with free traffic is a much better idea, especially if you have never really done anything like this before. And the great thing about the free traffic methods is that most times, you have done it before, but not for recommending affiliate products...

What I mean by this is, you have most likely (almost 100% sure) that you have sent a direct message to someone on a social media channel, you may also have posted in a Facebook Group that you are part of?

You might also have posted something for sale on Craigslist, and most likely, you have shared a link...

Free Traffic methods are a great way to start selling online, and I have outlined a few below that you can get started with, plus how to do them.

Direct Messages (DM's)

In this method you reach out on the likes of Facebook, Insta, Tiktok and even LinkedIn and send targeted messages to your potential buyers.

How to do you find these guys to target? 

You will find them hanging in other peoples messages. Just go to big names in the business of affiliate marketing, home business, ecommerce, crypto and digital marketing and look for who is liking and commenting on posts. 

These guys are engaged in the content, meaning that most likely they are looking for ways to make money online.

This is a really good way, and many people have started off their affiliate marketing business this way.

Maybe start off the conversation like the one I show you here. It's not pushy, it's helpful and friendly, plus, because you will have added your affiliate link url to the Manual/ebook, if he clicks the link and buys... you make the commission!

Facebook Group Posts

This is such a cool way and can get you in front of so many people really quickly.

The best way to do this is to put up a post that:

1. Is super informative about what Beating the Giant is (include images etc),

2. Tell people how it works,

3. And then asking them if they are interested in finding out more,

4. Telling them to reply on the post

5. Don't put your affiliate link in here, as it looks like SPAM!

6. But when they reply to the message, you have two options, 

6.1 To send them your direct affiliate link which brings them to the BTG homepage, or...

6.2 Send them to your squeeze page with the Value Targeting Manual where you can build your email list.

As you can see from the example, I used the images from inside the training that you can also use. You might want to also attach the free book.

The text I used is easy to take and adapt (Don't use the exact text), but most importantly, don't be spammy! Here's the text.

Craigslist Postings

You would not believe the power of Craigslist and the amount of people that every single day are looking for ways to make extra money through the Craigslist Job listing section.

And, also... you have the FREE ebook to give away on there, that you can grow your list with, and also gain affiliate commissions through your links.

So the best thing to do is post in the Job Listing section as a "Work at home job", where you can show the people interested in home to make a killer income working from home with affiliate marketing. 

Then once the job is listed and a person replies to the listing, they get an automatic email that sends them to your squeeze pages, where you give away the free Value Targeting Manual, and also, build your email list at the same time.

Repost My Videos

Go to Youtube.com and find my videos, and you are free to repost these videos anywhere you want. They will help you with the conversion of your affiliate links into sales.

1. You can download them easily online, using an online site, just type into Google - Youtube Downloader.

2. You can put them onto load of video sharing sites, the main one being Facebook, but there are so many more...

3. And don't forget, when you do this, attach your affiliate link and when a person clicks on the video they will be brought to the sales, of me, meaning higher conversions as they already know me from the video you just showed them.

Below you will find some ways that work in Paid marketing. Now, unless you have not done Facebook ads before, I do recommend you do a quick training on how to use them first before utilizing it as a method.

The best way to start in my opinion is via Email Solo Ads...

Paid Traffic: Email Solo Ads

Paid traffic is where you buy visitors to your pages, that can be via ads on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, but it can also be on the likes of email solo ads (where you pay someone with an email list to send your message to their list), this works very well.

And if you find the right email solo ad vendor then you will be able to convert a high percentage of the emails into sales, and build an email list at the same time, that you can sell to continually.

Now, do remember that not everything is created equally, and that is very true with email solo ads.

Two places I can recommend for you:

1. Traffic For Me (I like these guys and have worked well in the past for me).

2. Udimi (I've not used this one, but have heard great things).

But remember, there are NO Guarantees of success, but if you are new to this, and want to get some super quick traffic, then getting email solo ads is a great way to do it.

You can use one of the squeeze pages that you have here which will enable you to build you list, along with the Value Targeting Manual to entice them onto the list, and then also use the email swipe follow-up sequence to convert those emails into buyers.

Paid Traffic: Facebook

Facebook is getter tougher to get good results from, but is still a great source of quality website traffic if you know how to use it correctly.

It works like this:

You create an ad, potentially using one of the ads that are attached here. You then choose an audience, based on their interests (Think Tony Robbins, Clickfunnels, Personal Development, Brendon Burchard). You then choose the action you want those people to make on your website, in this case, it could be traffic (meaning visitors to the webpage).

Facebook will then go out and scan their over 1Billion audience to try and find people who match with your criteria and are going to achieve your desired results.

I made a quick Facebook Ad Setup video here that you can look at:

I have added some Facebook Ad content for you to look at. Here's a general rule I use when it comes to Facebook ads...


Don't be the same as everyone else, and STAND OUT in the feed... that's really it, try to add your own personality to what you do.

I have attached some image examples that you can use for ads. You can download the zip file (also, you can see them below).

Facebook themselves have some really cool training on Facebook ads for free that you can look at to get some ideas, I 100% recommend going through all of their training if you decide to go down the Paid Facebook route.

There are some things you should be aware of though. Facebook are not a fan of affiliate marketers, so you have to play the game a bit smarter...

Don't send the visitors direct to an affiliate page, send them to a quiz, or a squeeze page with a great freebie.

Don't flaunt that it is an affiliate product, and steer clear of crazy audacious claims.

Important Beating The Giant Affiliate Rules

In order to promote Beating The Giant please ensure that you are honest and legally compliant with all of your marketing and promotions. Specifically, make sure that you...

1. Do not send or post SPAM, no matter where, forums, social media, your website, by email, etc.
2. Do not offer cash rebates or promise physical products as bonuses.
3. Do not use Negative words such as 'Scam' in ANY marketing or promotion pieces, whether that be in a written review, on a video, on a website or anywhere else.
4. Adhere to all applicable laws applicable in the county(s) in which you are promoting this product.

You can contact us pretty much whenever you want to! Email us at affiliates at beatingthegiant.com 

We will respond as quickly as possible!

Kind regards


[email protected]

Remember, tell me how you are getting on...