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Dear future partner,

Thank you for your interest the Beating The Giant Affiliate Program. I'm Ciaran, and I'm delighted you have decided to promote BTG yourself.  

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Beating the Giant Affiliate Formula is my brand new course which shows people how to build a sustainable 5 Figure A Month online business leveraging the likes of Google and affiliate marketing.

Through Beta Testing, course completion rates of Beating the Giant so far are off the hook!

So why is that important to you?

Your customers will know that you sell products that actually work!

The reason being is...

It's human, and speaks directly to the buying audience, meaning a better conversion rate on a front + upsell of $97.

You can expect great conversions from my educational and informative style sales videos with easy:

1. 50% commission on frontend $47 sale, 

2. With 50% on the upsell of $50,

3. and downsells being added very soon...

Along with variations in sales page style, bonus and squeeze pages, that'll help you generate even larger commissions.

Better Conversions
For you

PLUS Killer Bonuses

If you are not a reader, then, have a look through the affiliate overview video to get to grips with what I have created here for you...

This is not a fad, "strategy" or shortcut... this is Pure Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, brand building and online sales - at its finest.

Benefits Of The Beating The Giant Affiliate Program

The Sales Pitch (and training) is perfect for newbies looking to start an online business and make money online. It is also suitable for ANYONE...

Even those who have been online for years, or are in the process of setting up an affiliate marketing business (whether that be Clickbank, Amazon, Clickfunnels and so on).

For the Price of the BTG Formula, the value that people will be receiving is basically ridiculous. There are in Total 103 Videos (in core + Upsell), Spreadsheets, Templates, PDF's...

With more updated content being added all the time. People will be absolutely delighted with Beating The Giant. This is one of those products that you will not be "worried about" promoting.

You get access to a brilliant library of Highly Effective Promotional Tools and BONUSES to help you make as much money as possible... 

These have been been specially crafted (emails, PDF's, Images for Social, Messenger Conversations, BONUSES, plus so much more) by me, and my 15+ years experience with some of the biggest brands in the world. 

You can access these pages below, and I will be adding regular affiliate content updates also...

Emails & Templates

Get access to high converting emails to plug into your autoresponder system and mail out to your list, if you have one.
Along with all the best social media graphics to use for your marketing, with templates from Banners to Pinterest Pins, and Facebook posts plus more...

Bonus Section

Access to your own plug and play squeeze page templates, to help build your own email list, along with the SECRET BONUS page and all it's extra goodies added to increase your sales.
Plus, get the FREE Bonus ebook, you can use, and give away to build your own list.

Traffic factory

Also, if you are stuck not knowing how to promote BTG, we show you best and easiest ways you can get your affiliate link to as many people as possible, making you more commissions.
Traffic is the lifeblood of your affiliate campaigns, and we have you sorted!

This will fast forward and supercharge your sales, so you are not only getting a powerful product to promote, but also game-changing marketing tools to help sell it.

4. As you will have realised by now, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme - It is actual online business system.

What Is Included in Beating The Giant

There are in Total 103 Videos (in core + Upsell),

Easy To Use Keyword and Video Spreadsheets, 

Hold You By The Hand Optimization, Email, & Squeeze Page Templates...

With ongoing content updates...

Together it makes starting an online business so much more fun and enjoyable to complete.

I'm looking to build a long term profitable partnership with you...

Unlike most product creators, I'm not simply interested in you sending me traffic, I want YOU to be able to build (or increase) your own online business.

By marketing Beating the Giant, a product which your customers will complete and love, you will not only gain their trust, you will increase their loyalty, which in translates into more ongoing profit for you now and also the future products we work on together.

Before we get onto the Multi-Platform High Converting Marketing Pack 

Partnerships are about communication, so if you have questions, you can contact me here at: affiliates [@] beatingthegiant.com

If you could do me a favor when emailing me though...  please send it bullet pointed so I can provide better answers. 

So let's move on...

Register To Keep Up To Date & Access ALL The Upcoming BTG Promotional Materials. 

After registering, you will be redirected back to this page and will receive a welcome email soon. Next, let's get your affiliate links sorted...

Getting Your Affiliate Links Ready...

Beating the Giant is sold through the platform Digistore24. Are you already a member?

If so, you can skip this section.

If not, don't worry, because I'm going to run you through step by step what you have to do now.

First off you will have to go to the website Digistore24.

Go Here To Set Up Your Affiliate Account:Digistore Affiliate Signup Link

>> https://www.digistore24.com/signup/397037,397218/

Directions For Affiliate Signup:

1. Click the sign up link above,

2. Create your Digistore24 Account (it's super easy, and free),

3. Go to the Dashboard and switch from "Vendor" to Affiliate" (it's located at the top left),

4. Click on "Account" and then "Affiliates" and look for the product with the ID: 397037,

5. Click on the magnifying glass. You will see your affiliate link, this is what you will use to promote Beating the Giant.

6. Make a note of that affiliate link in a document you don't lose.

NOW, if you have already signed up for Digistore24, your affiliate link is below:

Your Affiliate Link :


Make  sure to REPLACE the 'DIGISTORE24ID' with your Digistore "Affiliate ID" to ensure you get paid for your referral!

Let's get to it...

So, let's get into your affiliate marketing resources that are going to help you promote Beating The Giant.

Affiliate and JV Beating The Giant

Affiliate Home

beating the giant Affiliate links

Affiliate Links

email swipe file and templates BTG

Emails & Templates

beating the giant bonus

Bonus Section

Important Beating The Giant Affiliate Rules

In order to promote Beating The Giant Affiliate Formula please ensure that you are honest and legally compliant with all of your marketing and promotions. Specifically, make sure that you...

1. Do not send or post SPAM, no matter where, forums, social media, your website, by email, etc.
2. Do not offer cash rebates or promise physical products as bonuses.
3. Do not use Negative words such as 'Scam' in ANY marketing or promotion pieces, whether that be in a written review, on a video, on a website or anywhere else.
4. Adhere to all applicable laws in each the county in which you are promoting this product.

You can contact us pretty much whenever you want to! Email us at affiliates [at] beatingthegiant.com 

We will respond as quickly as possible!

Kind regards


[email protected]

Remember, tell me how you are getting on...