How To Become an Affiliate Marketer On Instagram Easily

Instagram is on fire, millionaires are being made every single day, and no wonder you are looking at it as a viable place to start your affiliate marketing journey, but then again, how to become an affiliate marketer on Instagram, that’s the question, so pay attention as I break it down and fill you in…

How To Become an Affiliate Marketer On Instagram

So first let’s look at how an affiliate actually makes money on Instagram.

How do Instagram affiliates make money?

Ok, so the process of making money isn’t that difficult on Instagram, and there are a few different ways you can do it, let me explain the easiest of them. You might also like to check out the free affiliate marketing for beginners 2021 PDF that I just added.

Super Niche Affiliate

This kind of affiliate focuses on a niche area, let’s use something like the Paleo Diet for this.
So they brand their Instagram all about Paleo food, diets, and share helpful tips and images related to helping people get started with the Paleo diet.

How do Instagram affiliates make money?

To start with they will want to do the following:

Search for their competition on Instagram, by typing in your main hashtag in the search bar and then seeing what accounts show up in the first 10-12 places there. This is going to give you a good idea of high-ranking pages in your niche.

Then go and look at the hashtags associated with those pages and take a note of them, and then, this is the hard part…

Then go and search all of those hashtags and look at the top 12 posts for every hashtag.

What you are looking for here are hashtags that don’t have…
a. A lot of competition,
b. A lot of likes,

research competition on Instagram for hashtags

So once you find hashtags that don’t have lots of competition and like then make a note of those hashtags in a notepad so you can utilize those easy to rank hashtags in your own posts.

Once you have these hashtags you start posting great content related to your Paleo Diet. But also, every few posts, create a post that talks about the affiliate product that you are promoting, be that in a video or on an image.

You can then create a description that points the person to your bio to click on a link and they can go and buy your recommendation. The Bio is where you put your affiliate link…

Instagram Bio for affiliate marketer

So the best bio for affiliate marketing for Instagram all starts with being…

  • Looking at what your main competition is doing again,
  • Check out your top competitors and look at exactly what they are doing,
  • And then break everything they are doing down,
  • Look at the words they use, the names they choose, the call to action they say…
  • Then create your bio based on that information.
  • ALWAYS include the link to your own affiliate program too…
Instagram Bio for affiliate marketer

How To Become an Affiliate Marketer On Instagram Easily Starting Today

Look at an affiliate program that not only allows you to sell their product BUT actually gives you the tools to build your own business at the same time.

What I mean is this… look for an affiliate program that gives you lots of free resources like…

Free EBooks to give away that you can insert your affiliate links, and also build your own list of subscribers so you can sell to them multiple times,

Your own squeeze pages that you can connect to your Instagram which enables you to collect email addresses and build your subscriber list,

Pre-written high converting email sequences that help convert more visitors into buyers,

Plus, ongoing work associated with your niche,

If you find a product like this, then you are onto a winner because all you need to do is add some bits and you have a ready working Instagram business in about 20 minutes.


How do I become an affiliate marketer?

It is very easy to actually become an affiliate marketer because it is free. BUT… do look for an affiliate program that gives you all of the resources that I mentioned above, like the free PDFs, emails, squeeze pages, etc. as this will make the whole process so much easier for you because…

How many followers do you need to become an affiliate?

There is no real solid number for this, but I have friends and colleagues that have started selling from their Instagram page with less than 100 people, yep I know that sounds crazy, but if you have highly targeted people who love your content, what is to stop you making them an offer and then making a sale.


If you have the cool free things to give away to them to help them convert into a sale then they will love the value that you are providing to them, and will want to see the offers that you actually recommend to them.

Well, you won’t have to go through learning all about your topic first, creating the super valuable PDFs to help convert people learn how to create squeeze pages and write emails, you can simply plug it in and get started…

If you are looking for an affiliate program that does all of that, then you will want to check out the affiliate program by Beating the Giant which supplies all of that information and resources for you free of charge. Getting signed up takes less than 2 minutes and you can be 100% up and running within the next few hours if you get to it now.

Hope to see you inside and help you make your first paychecks online.

All the best

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