Best Affiliate Programs For Facebook In 4 Simple Steps

Ok, so this is an interesting one, because the best affiliate programs for Facebook really come down to a few things, and there is no correct answer… let me explain.

First, you can pretty much market any product on Facebook if you do it the right way.

Best Affiliate Programs For Facebook

The reason I say this is because there is more than one way to skin a cat, what I mean by this, there are many different ways that you can actually promote affiliate products on Facebook, including…

1. Can You Use Facebook For Affiliate Marketing?

Of course, you can use Facebook for affiliate marketing, but what kind of way depends on who you are and what you are selling…

  1. On your personal profile,
  2. On the posts on your personal profile,
  3. On the bio section of your personal profile,
  4. In the images on your personal profile,
  5. On a Facebook page, all elements like above, but also…
  6. Utilizng Facebooks Ads to sell the products,
  7. Facebook groups, better if they are niche specific,
  8. facebook Marketplace, if you use it correctly,
  9. Direct messaging people…

So there are many ways to sell products on Facebook, so you first have to decide which way you are going to promote it.

Note: it is a good idea if you are going to use Facebook Ads to promote your affiliate products, that you actually look at the Facebook Ad Policy that will show you what you CANNOT promote on Facebook. There is no point falling foul of Facebook as they will Ban You.

2. How do you become an affiliate on Facebook?

Well, you don’t. You become an affiliate of a product that you sell on Facebook, there is no affiliate program for Facebook.

But, you can be an affiliate marketer on Facebook, no problem, and you can utilize the methods above to sell your products to people who hang out on Facebook, and the method of choice all depends on how advanced you are as a marketer.

So, let’s get onto affiliate programs that you can sign up with that you can promote on Facebook.

3. What Are The Best Affiliate Programs For Facebook and Why?

You see, not all affiliate programs are created equally, and most of the time, people that create products completely forget that an affiliate is one of the most important people when it comes to promoting their product.

Product creators need to treat their affiliates with respect and help them earn as much money as possible…

Why do I say this?

Well, being good to affiliate marketers means that they will try harder to promote the products that they are promoting, they will add the content related to the product to more places and they will tell more people about the product, you should hope this.

So, how does a product creator help this happen?

By giving the affiliate marketer as many free resources to help them sell the product, that’s it.

The best affiliate programs for Facebook marketing give you things like:

  1. Email swipes
  2. Promotional text swipes
  3. Images for banners
  4. Social media images
  5. Free ebooks to giveaway
  6. Free squeeze page templates to build up your own email list

But, not many product creators actually do that, so finding the ones that do can be tough.

Have you heard of Beating the Giant affiliate formula? It is a new product that has been created by me, Ciaran Doyle, and it teaches people of all backgrounds, education standards to actually profit from affiliate marketing, and as you guessed it, it is packed full of affiliate resources that you can utilize to start making money on Facebook.

4. The Best Affiliate Strategy To Use On Facebook

So, the best thing for you as a new affiliate marketer on Facebook in my opinion is using 2 strategies, well it is really one strategy with 2 parts.

  1. Join a few groups realted to your niche of choice (if you were promoting my product it would be groups related to affiliate marketing, online business, home business, personal development, etc.)
  2. Write a really good post talking about how cool the product is that you are promoting, but don’t give a link to your affiliate program (it looks scammy and you can be kicked off).
  3. In the post say “leave a message on my post to find out more about it”, or say “send me a DM to find out more about it”
  4. When they message you or leave a comment, have a nice intro chat with them, tell them why you love the product etc, and then tell them “I have a free ebook related to the product I use, would you like it?”
  5. Inside of this ebook you will have your affiliate link to my product, so anytime anyone clicks on the link, then if they buy you will make the sale.

So that is the best way to make a sale on Facebook, and the best affiliate programs for facebook to use when doing it… always go for an affiliate program with loads and loads of resources,

Hope this helped…

Ciaran “Affiliate” Doyle

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