Awesome Strategy On How To Find A Good Niche For Affiliate Marketing

In this part of the training, we’re going to break down the six steps within the value targeting formula for how to find a good niche for affiliate marketing…

This is so you can take it step by step, and understand exactly what you need to do within the Beating the Giant value targeting formula to ensure the best results.

how to find a good niche for affiliate marketing

Value Targeting is a 6 Step Process

The first step is finding your niche.

Niche Research

Finding a good quality niche is key here because by choosing the wrong niche you can never add the level of value to your chosen niche that you need to be able to control the topic you enter.

So, finding the correct niche within the niche is key to your online success.

When I talk about a niche within a niche, there is a reason I do this.

How New Affiliate Marketers Think

There is a tendency of people when they start out and don’t understand affiliate marketing to think to themselves, okay so I’m going after…

A wide niche like Golf.

Then what they basically do is they try to find products associated with golf, and try to advertise their products to a large scale golf audience…a very competitive market.

Selling items like a putter, or a wedge or gold balls, you get the idea.

And what they try to do is create content and videos around a putter for the wide golf niche.

But what they’re actually doing is… They’re just targeting on a surface level of the niche, where most people target.

Niche 2 Down Thinking

So what they basically need to do to discover How To Find A Good Niche For Affiliate Marketing is this…

Go and break it down your niche a little bit further into something like left-handed golf putters,

And then break it down even a little bit further with left-handed golf putters for women,
And the reason that they do should do this excuse is because it’s just far easier to rank for.


Because there are fewer people competing for that kind of term.

The more niche you are with your term, the…

Easier to actually rank for but it’s also…

More specific to what the person is searching for.

So it’s easier to actually convert that person into a sale versus somebody who’s just looking for putters.

So that’s really important when it comes to your niche.

So what I want you to actually do with your niche is this… a simple 5-minute exercise.

What is your Niche Enjoyment?


I want you to write down your list of niches (9 in total),

These are the things that you absolutely love doing…

  • Three things that you love doing,
  • Three things you’re great at, and…
  • Three things that potentially you would love to learn.

When you’ve done that, and you’ve got those down we’ll go on to the next step.

That next step is this…

Breaking Down Your Niche Further

So I want you to look at your current niches and then break them down to the next level down…

breaking your niche down even further 2 down thinking


Imagine you were into cars. So let’s say car was an example.

Level 0: The first level you would choose something like Mercedes-Benzes owners,

Now that’s good we’re separating and breaking down the niche into a subtopic of cars.

And after that what we basically want to do is we want to break it down even further, and we want to think about the market for something else within this niche.

So the example I have here:

Level 1: Female Mercedes-Benzes owners,

Level 2: Female Mercedes-Benzes owners over 50.

Do you see that’s extremely targeted, and it basically means that the person who is researching knows exactly what they’re actually going to be looking for.

So if you’re able to create content and experiences for that specific person, the higher likelihood of them actually converting into purchasing the product that you might be recommending.

Where Can You Find This Information if you are stuck?

There are two places, Google Trends and Exploding topics show you niches that are starting to take off, so there’s an option to jump on that topic and piggyback on it.

Using Exploding Topics

You could also potentially look around topics related to your niche keyword,

Something within your niche that you love, if you find this, then…

You can jump on that.

If you jump on that with the love, then it’s going to be so much easier to create the content that you actually need to create to convert visitors to your websites into buyers.

affiliate niche research using exploding topics categories

So have a look at that and find those niches for yourself, that’s super important so go ahead go away and do that now and I’ll see you in the next part.

Action Plan For How To Find A Good Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Your action plan on How To Find A Good Niche For Affiliate Marketing is key to making a real difference online, and the best place to start is looking at the things you are currently doing or love doing.

  1. Create your first niche list, 3 things you love, enjoy doing and would like to learn about,
  2. Break those down into 2 level down thinking,
  3. If you are unsure of niches that you might like, you can also look at researching trending topics in your marketplace that people can get really excited about.
  4. You potentially want to look at something like Google trends, or Exploding topics (which is an absolutely fantastic website).
  5. Get the whole Value Targeting Formula by picking up the free training by Beating the Giant.
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