How to Make Affiliate Links Look Better – 3 Best Ways

Ok, so there are a few ways to do this, it just depends on what you are actually looking for, how to make affiliate links look better on your own website if you own one, or how to make them look better if you don’t own your own website.
SO first let’s look at your own website as an example.

Discover How to Make Affiliate Links Look Better online

How to Make Affiliate Links Look Better On Your Website

Ok, so for most people who are doing affiliate marketing and are looking to make proper cash online, they have their own website.

The website platform of choice also called a content management system or CMS is called WordPress.
There are 2 versions to WordPress, a .com version (which is free) and a .org version for which you need to have your own hosting.

Now, we will focus on the .org version, meaning your own website.

The best way, and also the cheapest way (being free) to make your affiliate links look better is by using a plugin with the ability to create domain name-specific affiliate links.

Pretty Links Link Creation WordPress plugin

The one that I use, even inside the Beating the Giant training and blog is called Pretty Links.
That takes a long ugly URL that is full of tracking IDs and turns them into beautiful, custom-looking URL care of your own website, like this…

And it really isn’t that hard at all and isn’t a matter of how to make affiliate links look better, but more a matter of copying your affiliate ID, paste it into Pretty Links and then add an extension like shown here…

How to Make Affiliate Links Look Better On Your Website
  1. Paste your affiliate link into the target URL box,
  2. Add your ending (I like to use /go/ for any products that are leaving my website, or /grab/)

So that is the easiest way to do it for free, but while it is a free plugin it does have limitations, my main frustration is that they want a review every single time I use it, but hey, I don’t mind as it’s free.

Now, onto how to make affiliate links look better for free websites and social and Web 2.0 sites.

Making Affiliate Links Look Good For Social Media

So first off, let’s talk about Facebook, I like Facebook as it’s very simple to use and it accepts what is called Link Shortener…

making affiliate links look much better for social media using link shorteners

Now what a link Shortener does is this – It takes your long URL and gives you a short one in exchange, so when someone clicks on your shortened link it then makes it short…

There are many link shorteners that you can use including:

  1. Bit.ly
  2. Tinyurl.com
  3. Ow.ly (now inside Hootsuite)
  4. Adf.ly (you make money for actually using it)
  5. Bit.do

Personally, I use Bit.ly, it’s been around for ages, I used to use Google link shortener before it was closed down.

Now, the link Shortener URL doesn’t work everywhere, but, there are always ways around it…

How to Shorten Affiliate Links Using Redirects On Your Own Domain

Another way that you can make your affiliate links look brilliant is by doing something very smart indeed, and this is buying a domain name.

Now, you can buy a Doman name for a few dollars per year (I recommend Namecheap) and what it allows you to do with your affiliate links is this:

  • Give them a look of security and trust,
  • Place them on ANY platform,
  • Create any URL you want (attached to your domain)

All without starting your own website.

redirect affiliate links to a domain name making it very brandable
2 Day Entrepreneur gets a Beating the Giant Redirect

So, you can buy the domain and set up redirects inside of your domain registrar to redirect to your affiliate links, so when someone clicks on your link they get automatically redirected to your affiliate product, and when you make the sale, you make the commission.

So there you have it, 3 different ideas on How to Make Affiliate Links Look Better, hope they help you out and make sure that if you are looking to sell a good quality affiliate program have a look at Beating the Giant Affiliate Formula, you might just find it is your key to a good long term income…

All the best

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